Istanbul Technical University

With a history stretching back over 227 years, providing technical education within a
modern educational environment and strong academic staff, ITU is strongly identified
with architectural and engineering education in Turkey. Since its inception and
foundation under Ottoman rule, ITU has constantly lead the way in reform movements,
and in the latter era of the Republic of Turkey, ITU has assumed pivotal roles in the
reconstruction, modernization, and administration of the country. The efforts and
expertise of ITU graduates have been major contributors in the planning and
construction of Turkey’s roads, bridges, dams, factories, buildings, energy plants,
communication networks, villages and cities. ITU is a state university which defines and
continues to update methods of engineering and architecture in Turkey. It provides its
students with modern educational facilities while retaining traditional values, as well as
using its strong international contacts to mould young, talented individuals who can
compete in the global arena.