ITU / Chair of Informatics / Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program

Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program was launched in 2000-2001 academic
year in the Science and Technology Institute of ITU The aim of the program is
providing a thorough knowledge of the information technology and computational
support systems to architects for solving design problems and for improving the domain
practice. Currently the program is running its curriculum under the Informatics
Department. Architectural design education in the scope of the Architectural Design
Computing program includes a serial of courses containing the efficient application and
usage of these technologies in theoretical and practical design areas such as digital
design environments, visualization and graphical representation, modelling and
animations, databases, hypermedia, multimedia, representations in world wide web,
computer programming for architectural problems, architectural co-designing in virtual
environment, theoretical models of computational architectural design, methods,
approaches and paradigms. All members of the program are specialized in their fields;
they supervise MSc and PhD studies, publish articles in national and international
journals, present papers in various conferences and organize national and international
conferences and workshops.